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GéoTITAN® manages, displays and records all information required to design flight paths, and the associated protection areas, quickly, accurately and in compliance with DOC 8168-OPS/611. It operates in a geo-referenced aeronautical environment. GéoTITAN® uses a Digital Terrain Model to compute the safe altitude associated with flight paths.
GéoTITAN® is developed in close partnership with and under the control of the ENAC PANS-OPS unit. GéoTITAN® is owned by ENAC, and marketed by CGx AERO in SYS.
Thanks to the automation of low-level tasks, the procedure designer can focus his/her attention on the important decisions of the analysis.
The design process is under the designer's full control at all times, which guarantees reliable and coherent choices, but the designer is never alone: exhaustive documentation reminds him/her of the regulation criteria and describes the manner in which GéoTITAN® calculates the protection areas.


Training, Maintenance,
Data integration


GéoTITAN® is easy to use. No specific computer or geographical skills are needed.


GéoTITAN® runs on a standard Personal Computer with a Windows operating system.


GéoTITAN® conducts a large number of checks before and after executing a function.


GéoTITAN® includes a very complete on-line help function


Two releases a year are available to the Geotitan users community.


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Main features:

GéoTITAN® provides a full package for procedure design, including:
Aeronautical and Geographical database
Design of IFR trajectories
  RNAV and Conventional navigation
  En-route, approach and departure trajectories
Integration of the ICAO recommended practices, as described in DOC 8168-OPS/611
Automatic drawing of protection areas
Automatic analysis of critical obstacles
Cross-checking against regulations
Automated output: charting tool, report generation

Strong points :

Intuitive step-by-step procedure design
Precise and Efficient
Complete Geographical Environment
High level of automation
On-line and off-line help
Data integrity
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GéoTITAN® is a trademark of ENAC