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PANS-OPS Context

People in charge of designing flight instrument procedures (PANS-OPS domain) are working around the world in very different conditions. Yet wherever they are, their duty has the same level of influence on flight safety.

Lack of skill, lack of knowledge, lack of up-to-date information and training, lack of confidence and lack of exchange with other procedure designers are all factors which will negatively affect the quality of the design process.

ENAC, as a civil aviation training institute, deems it important to reduce this statement of fact by supporting the free flow of ideas and information within the procedure designers community

Other entities (such as ICAO and major airlines and aircraft manufacturers) are also concerned by this problem, and are trying to improve the situation.

ENAC’s contribution is based on:
  Regular and well-known PANS-OPS training courses,
  Software to assist procedure designers,

A website to offer a possible place of exchange, question and information.

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