PANS-OPS Training

Airspace Design for terminal area optimization
The objective of this course is to provide theoretical background in the design of airspace, particularly in lower airspace and terminal areas.
A practical workshop during the second week will allow participants to take part in the different steps of the design of a new TMA on a real case.

Topics covered include :

Airspace organisation strategy
● ICAO global CNS/ATM plan
● Economic aspects
● The FABEC airspace design programme
Air Traffic Flow and Capacity Management
● Flow management
● Flexible use of airspace for civil/military integration
Environment and sustainable development
● impact on noise exposition
● air pollution and emissions
Performance Based Navigation
● PBN principles
● impact on ATC
● example of PBN implementation
Trajectory and procedure design
● influence of procedure design on airspace structure
● impact of protection areas (conventional and PBN)
● CCO, CDO, Point Merge, ...
● Procedure design
● Airspace optimisation
● Terminal airspace traffic management
Workshop, based on real data
● presentation of the situation
● groupwork on different scenarii
● presentation of the actual airspace design.