PANS-OPS Training

Comprehensive Instrument Procedure Design Course

Offered to ab initio trainees or former procedure designers requiring a full refresher program, this course is provided in French or in English at ENAC (Toulouse, France).

It includes three modules of three weeks each:

  • Non Precision Approach course
  • RNAV Departure and NPA course
  • Approach with vertical guidance course

ONLY one registration is necessary.

For French speaking trainees

(title: IPD0_F)  Dates : see IPD1_F, IPD2_F, IPD3_F

For English speaking trainees

(title: IPD0_E)  Dates : see IPD1_E, IPD2_E, IPD3_E


All necessary documents are provided in paper and electronic format.

No more than 14 trainees can be registered for the same course.