PANS-OPS Training

PBN Oversight

This training presents the way the French Supervisory Authority oversees the implementation of PBN by the different stakeholders:

- Procedure designers,

- Air Traffic Services Providers,

- and Aircraft operators.

It introduces PBN and its purpose and the way PBN is introduced in the French oversight process.

It focuses on the quality assurance processes associated to procedure design activities and the enforcement of PBN operations by aircraft operators and the associated oversight.

OPS part :
● Introduction to RNAV
● Introduction to PBN
● PBN and OPS regulation
● PBN operational approval process
● French PBN Plan
● Main features of RNAV 10, RNP 4, RNAV5 and RNAV 1
Design / Implementation part :
● Documentary framework
● Instrument flight procedure (IFP) implementation process
● Quality assurance activities in the IFP implementation process
● IFP oversight by the French NSA of :
● IFP designers,
● Safety assessments :
● Safety assessments for changes made to the ATM/ANS functional system
● Particular case of safety assessments for IFP
● Associated oversight activities