PANS-OPS Training

RNAV NPA and SID Course 14/05-07/06/2018 (En) & 11/06-04/07/2018 (Fr)

Offered to procedure designers with a good practice of NPA design and an efficient knowledge of general design criteria, this course is provided in French or in English at ENAC (Toulouse, France). For beginners in procedure design, it is necessary to have successfully attended the Non Precision Approach Course (IPD1).

The aim is to apply procedure design criteria for the navigation specifications in accordance with the performance based navigation (PBN) concept manual. The general concept of performance based navigation is presented. The procedure design criteria associated with some specific applications such as RNP1, RNAV1, RNP APCH and baro-VNAV are studied and applied.

It includes lectures based on Doc 8168 criteria supplemented by exercises. A project conducted by team of two or three trainees is proposed in a real French aeronautical environment. A full RNP APCH NPA, associated with STandard ARrival trajectories and holding procedure are designed in compliance with aeronautic and geographic constraints. Standard Instrument Departure trajectories and omnidirectional departure procedures are also designed. Report, charting and general layout of protection areas are required and assessed at the end of the training. Two tests are conducted during the training.

For French speaking trainees

(title: IPD2_F) from June 11th to July 04th 2018

For English speaking trainees

(title: IPD2_E) from May 14th to June 07th 2018


All necessary documents are provided in paper and /or electronic format.